How To Remove Wrinkles From Your Projector Screen

The projector is a thing that is used on a daily basis in classrooms, offices, or to watch movies in Cinemas. Students and professionals use it to give presentations on coursework or business projects. However, they sometimes get wrinkled due to improper handling or other reasons. These wrinkles lowered the video quality of these projectors, affecting the viewer’s experience with them. Are you also one of those who want to remove wrinkles from their projectors? If yes, then there are no worries at all! Because we are coming up with practical ways to help you in this regard. As the projector screen is made up of very delicate fabric, you should be careful while working on this issue. Let’s explore these promising methods and make your projector wrinkles free.

Effective methods to remove wrinkles from projector screen:

Tension frame:

The tension frame is very effective in removing the projector’s wrinkles. It will not harm the quality of the screen material and will stretch it appropriately. A tension framework by working on all the dimensions of a projector screen. It will pull it balanced, so every corner gets equal tension, and thus wrinkles get out of it. Hence if you are looking for a damage-free protocol, it is one of the most suitable.

Direct Sunlight

This is one of the most convenient methods to get a wrinkles-free screen. For it, you have to place your projector screen under direct sunlight. The heat from the sun will work on the fabric and set it wrinkle-free. To get the maximum result, gently rub the screen’s back side gently. The rubbing will not be too harsh. The sun’s heat and rubbing of your hands will effectively remove all the wrinkles, and you can enjoy a better quality.

Use Weight

The tension caused by weight is also helpful in getting a wrinkle-free projector screen. In this method, you need to hand two equal-weight objects on the two bottom corners of the projector. It would be best if you were careful about the weight; it should not be too heavy or too light. This protocol may take longer than others, but it’s very convenient as you do not need to remove it from the wall or carry it anywhere. You need to add weight at the bottom and wait to get results.

Iron Method

We all use iron to remove wrinkles from our clothes. But did you know it’s equally helpful in erasing wrinkles from your projector screen? Yes, it will also work on your projector wrinkle. For this purpose, you must dispatch it from the wall and lay it on an iron strand. Ensure that the front screen does not come in touch with iron heat directly because it’s more delicate. So bring the back side o the projector under iron heat and the front side over the soft cloth on the iron strand. Also, keep your iron temperature low and press the projector side adequately; ultimately, there will be no wrinkles on the screen. As we discussed, there will be no harm if you use this method; otherwise, if you use high heat, you can create more problems.

Hair Dryer

Like the iron method, you can use a hair dryer to erase wrinkles. Place a good quality towel on the table and the front screen towards the towel. Now set the temperature of the hair dryer at low to average. Keep the dryer at some distance away from the screen and use it like you dry your hair. Navigate it over the required part and ensure no wrinkles are left on it.

Bottom Line:

There is no big issue if your projector screen gets wrinkled. All the above methods are free of cost and easy to follow. You can use any of them as per your comfort and easily remove wrinkles from your projector screen. Just perform these methods carefully because the projector screen is delicate and requires careful handling. Also, if you want to prevent wrinkles in the future, you should work and fold them gently. Use any of the above protocols and appreciate our efforts in this regard.

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