How To Add HDMI Ports To An Old TV?

HDMI ports help you to connect multiple devices conveniently. In the case of an old TV, you probably get one HDMI port. But there is no need to worry because, In this post, we will tell you an excellent way of adding HDMI ports to your old tv. You can easily add other digital devices for different purposes, such as gaming or work. So what do you need for this purpose? There are two options you can use for it. The first one is cables, and the other is an HDMI switch. Out of these two HDMI switch is a productive one. Because in the case of wires, you need multiple cables and change them for every digital device. This option is less convenient, and we will not suggest you use it.

How To Add HDMI Ports To An Old TV?

On the other hand, the HDMI switch is far better. Because you can use only one HDMI switch to generate multiple ports and connect various devices, there are two options for an HDMI switch, as it may be automatic or physical.

Add HDMI Ports with HDMI Switch

There is no difficulty in using the HDMI switch. Almost all kinds of HDMI switches are easy to use and you can easily connect them to your old tv. Following the given protocol, you can use the HDMI switch effectively to add more ports to your old tv.

  • First of all, make sure that the tv and all the other devices you are going to use are switched off. This first step is mandatory for your safety.
  • Now locate the HDMI port on your tv and connect the cable of the HDMI switch to it.
  • After connecting the HDMI switch to the tv port, connect your HDMI switch to the power supply or power switch and turn it on.
  • To use other devices on your tv, connect the required one to the HDMI switch’s input.
  • Finally, switch on your tv and select the device of your choice on the HDMI switch, it will lead to the appearance of the connected device on your tv, and thus you can use them here quickly.

Physical HDMI Switch /Automatic HDMI Switch:

Both Physical automatic HDMI switches are handy for adding more  HDMI ports to your old tv. But there is a slightly different in their working approach. An automatic HDMI switch does not need manual input when connecting a new device. It will execute which device has linked, and thus you don’t need a manual approach. On the other hand, a physical HDMI switch needs manual input, such as through a remote. It would help if you gave feedback whenever you connect it with a new device.

Which is better:

An automatic HDMI switch is better than a physical one. Because it does not take your time for manual inputs and can automatically execute the switched-in devices, and will show their outcomes, this protocol saves your time and effort. It is a better option than a physical HDMI switch.

Final words:

Adding more HDMI ports to your tv is very easy with an HDMI switch. With this approach, you can generate 4-6 more ports. Working with it is very comfortable, and you can use this switch by following the above-described protocol. Furthermore, we have discussed two basic HDMI switches for further understanding. Also, adding more  HDMI ports through this protocol will not harm any device or output quality. It would help if you had a good power connection and a quality DMI switch to add more HDMI ports to your old tv. We hope you can perform this task after going through this article. Let’s make your worker smarter and faster, and share your experience with us.

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